ANGEL JUICER ANGEL JUICER, stainless steel juicer. Super Angel Angelica Juicer, cold press juicer with stainless steel twin gear technology. Taste the difference with an ANGEL JUICER juice extractor. Juices fruit, vegetables, wheat grass. Leaves a very dry pulp ANGEL JUICER

DISCONTINUED! Angel Standard Juicer AG-5500 - 304 stainless steel juicer
  • The Angel Juicers were discontinued from our range on 20th March 2015, and have been replaced with the much more reliable Green Power Kempo Juicers;
  • We have had some serious issues with some electrical control boards on all Angel Juicer models since early 2014 through to March 2015, which has resulted in too many service enquires / warranty claims, to which the manufacturer is not addressing adequately;
  • Likewise the manufacturer refuses to improve the quality of the Silicon Rings, which can break too easily;
  • While we have helped the manufacturer to double in size several times since 2006, they have become very complacent with quality control and back end service, to the point that we have now decided to discontinue importing the juicer into the country as of 20th March 2015.

But don't despair!
We have plenty of stock of the very popular twin gear Kempo Juicer
Best choice!
  Green Power Kempo Juicer
Green Power Kempo Juicer

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Stainless Steel Cold Press Juice Extractors

  • 100% stainless steel
    (juice extraction section)

  • 100% low speed, cold press juicer

  • 100% dishwasher safe
    (stainless steel parts)

  • Twin gear juicer

  • Has the highest extraction rate of any cold press juicer in the world

  • Easy to clean

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Suits people who are serious about juicing

  • Angel Juicer AG-5500 Standard

  • Angel Juicer AG-7500

  • Angel Juicer AG- 8500 Deluxe
Angel Juicer - the Rolls Royce in 'Cold Press' Juicers!

Fully stainless steel - where it counts!
Maximum Juice  -  Driest Pulp  -  Easy to Clean!
The Ultimate Juice Extractor!

Video ~ Angel Juice Extractor - top

Watch how efficient the Angel Juicer is at juicing
3.22 minutes

Angel Juicer - top

Angel Juicer - Angelia AIM2506
The Screen Housing Cover is made of stainless steel
and is not 'see through.' The above picture is illustrational only.

Delicious fruit juiceThe manufacturer (since 1982) state that the Angel Juicer is the only juice extractor in the world that can extract seed juice as well as live enzyme calcium. The calcium that is mostly contained in the cellulose within the stems of the plants, is one of the most important ingredients in the human body.

These nutrients are mostly intact after the Angel Juicer delicately crushes the vegetable fibres and extracts the living juice. This type of nutrient plays a significant role in the regeneration of diseased cells in the body.

Angel Juicer twin gear technology

"The best water in the world comes from vegetables and fruits" - Max Gerson

Angel Juicers

JUICERS AUSTRALIA was the first business to introduce the ANGEL JUICER to Australia, in December 2006. Sales quickly exceeded all expectations and now the ANGEL JUICER is one of Australia's most popular cold press juicers!

Note: 1) Angel Juicers are much easier to operate than the old Norwalk Hydraulic Press; however, Angel Juicers are generally more difficult to operate compared to most other cold press / slow juicers. 2) Also, people with arthritic hands will experience difficulty applying a constant, light pressure on the plunger when pushing produce slowly through the chute.

Unique Features & Highlights of the Angel Juicer - top

Control panel of Angel Juicer All stainless steel with antibacterial stainless steel gears!
Control panel of Angel Juicer Removes 95% of pesticide elements on the surface of vegetables and fruit!
Pesticides generally cling to the pulp, which is why cold press juice contains very little pesticides, as it is mostly ejected with the pulp
Control panel of Angel Juicer The only juicer capable of extracting nutrients locked inside cellulose fibres!
Control panel of Angel Juicer Extracts up to 30%+ more juice and 3 times more nutrients than other twin gear juicers!
Control panel of Angel Juicer 3HP grinding force with lower speed and quiet operation!
Control panel of Angel Juicer Six steps of outstanding operational safety features! Activated calcium
Control panel of Angel Juicer 100% dishwasher safe (stainless steel parts)!
Control panel of Angel Juicer The only seed juice extractor in the world!
Control panel of Angel Juicer Super quiet when running!
Control panel of Angel Juicer Easy to clean!

Magnesium & Calcium Extraction Results
Angel Juicer test results Centrifugal - high speed juicer 4.9 mg / kg of Magnesium and 2.9 mg / kg of Calcium
Angel Juicer test results Single Auger - (single gear) - cold press juicer 11.5 mg / kg of Magnesium and 4.4 mg / kg of Calcium
Angel Juicer test results Greenpower Kempo / Hippocrates - cold press juicer 11.9 mg / kg of Magnesium and 5.5 mg / kg of Calcium
Angel Juicer test results Angel - (twin gear) - cold press juicer 82.8 mg / kg of Magnesium and 15.0 mg / kg of Calcium
Summary: the Angel Juicer is a superior juice extractor as it is able to extract over 700% more Magnesium and over 300% more Calcium than the Greenpower Kempo Juicer.

Angel Juicer - a serious ‘cold press’ juicer for discerning customers
Juices carrots
Juices Granny Smith apples
Juices lemons
Juices all fruits and vegetables

Exclusive Features - top

Vegetable Juice
Vegetable Juice

Fruit Juice
Fruit Juice

Wheat grass and Barley Juice
Wheat grass and
Barley Juice

The Angel Juice Extractor has the capability of extracting juice from:vegetables, wheat-grass, fruits and seeds drier than any other single or twin gear cold press juicers or any centrifugal or masticating juicers!

You can make wheat grass juice in combination with carrots, beetroot, celery, etc. without having to use separate juicers / juicing equipment.

In addition to juicing all vegetables and fruits, the Angel Juicer can also grind soybeans, beans, grains and dry coffee beans; as well as make soy milk, tofu and nut butters!

The Angel's twin gear system is the first extractor gearing system to be awarded U.S. patent rights and is the winner of three international awards.

This unique, twin gear design comprises two interlocking 100% stainless steel gears, delivering truly awesome crushing power, extracting all the juice and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. This means you have far more squeezing power that penetrates inside the hidden plant membrane to bring out the full enzyme, vitamin and mineral content.

There is no pulp adjustment required with the Angel Juicer.

Extracts 1 x litre of carrot juice in approximately 5 minutes.


Stainless steel Angel Juicer

Soy Bean Juice & Tofu
Soy Bean Juice & Tofu

Award winning Angelia Juicer
Recognized as the Number 1 twin gear / cold press juicer in the world!

Unique Twin Gear System - top

Ease of Clean-Up & Operation Ease of Clean-Up & Operation:
Unique design with remarkable extraction power makes the Angel Juicer easier and simpler to use and clean. Newly designed parts allows for easier clean-up, assembly and disassembly.
The large stainless steel twin gears are the heart of the Angel Juicer
Antibacterial, Solid Stainless Steel Twin Gears Antibacterial, Solid Stainless Steel Twin Gears:
High quality, high strength solid stainless steel (SUS-304). Other twin gears are made of plastics and stainless steel and are breakable.
All Stainless Steel Construction All Stainless Steel Construction:
No plastic or nylon materials come into contact with your food! State-of-the-art design and easy to keep clean. Very hygienic!
Low 82 RPM's Low 82 RPM's:
Due to the twin gears extremely low, yet ideal 82 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), the Angel Juicer: 1) produces very little oxidation, 2) more enzymes are kept intact and 3) provides the highest amount of nutrients because there is almost no heat and friction at such a low turning speed. The lowest RPM twin gear juicer in the market.
3 HP Grinding Force 3 HP Grinding Force:
The solid, surgical-grade stainless steel twin gears delivers 3 HP of grinding force, which allows you to quickly and easily juice strong, fibrous, stringy produce, including wheatgrass and pine needles. The truly awesome squeezing power penetrates inside the hidden plant membrane to extract the maximum amount of enzyme, vitamin and mineral content from fruits and vegetables.
Food grade stainless steel twin gears
Length = 212.7 mm / Diameter = 60.32 mm
Food grade stainless steel twin gears
Continuous Juicing with Automatic Pulp Ejection Continuous Juicing with Automatic Pulp Ejection:
The impeller press twin gear system enables continuous juicing without the need to stop to remove pulp. The dry pulp automatically comes out the end of the juicer as all the juice is being extracted. The unique design of the Angel Juicer boasts remarkable extraction power. The juice goes into the Juice Container, while the pulp continuously goes into the Pulp / Refuse Container, so cleaning is only required once - after all the juicing has been completed.
3 Stage Extracting Twin Gear System 3 Stage Extracting Twin Gear System:
Very efficient juice extraction. Stage one applies concentrated pressure to the fruit or vegetable. Stage two and three grinds and continually masticates the fruit or vegetable, creating a very dry pulp and as a result - extracts much more juice.
3 Stage Screen System 3 Stage Screen System:
The three stage screen filters and maximizes the pure juice yield resulting in three times the amount of juice extracted compared to many other juicers.
Stainless steel Grinding Screen / Triturating Screen
Highest Extraction Rate Highest Extraction Rate:
Boasts the highest juice extraction rate of any cold press juicer and will extract up to 50% more juice than the GreenPower Kempo Juicer, in a slightly shorter time. The resultant pulp is very dry.
Simplicity - No need to Interchange Screens, No need to align dots on twin gears Simplicity - No need to Interchange Screens, No need to align dots on twin gears:
A single three stage screen handles all fruits and vegetables. There is simply no need for other screens. Also free from the hassles of aligning dots on twin gears when assembling.
No Pulp Adjustment Necessary No Pulp Adjustment Necessary:
The powerful 3 HP grinding force always provides maximum squeezing power and produces the maximum juice quantity.
Marrow Juice Extracting with 3 HP Grinding Force Marrow Juice Extracting with 3 HP Grinding Force:
Through precision engineering, the: 1) three stage twin gear system, 2) powerful motor and 3) three stage screen system, the Angel Juicer can crush cellulose fibers, breaking up cells in vegetables and fruits - releasing the nutrients locked inside, which results in a darker, richer colour of juice and a sweeter, richer, more full bodied flavour.
Removes Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Removes Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances:
The Angel Juicer removes over 95% of agricultural chemicals, pesticides and toxic substances from the surface of fruits and vegetables. This is accomplished by binding them to the waste pulp fibre.
Digital Control Panel
Digital Control Panel Digital Control Panel:
Includes: Forward - Stop - Reverse switches; plus a red 'power on' indicator for when the the main switch is on. The machine 'beeps' audibly each time a command is given.
Super Quiet Operation Super Quiet Operation:
The higher wattage motor with unique motor cooling system results in less heating and strain on the motor, as well as increased durability.
Fan Cooled Fan Cooled:
Specially designed motor cooling system prevents overheating and extends the life span of the motor. Super quiet operation!
Automatic Overheat Sensor Automatic Overheat Sensor:
A thermal protection devise and anti-jam reverse action system offer safe use and peace of mind. The automatic motor thermostat prevents the motor from overheating.
6 Safety Features 6 Safety Features:
1) Automatic Heat Sensor, 2) Main Rocker Switch, 3) Internal Gear Protection, 4) Reinforcement of Switch Panel, 5) Double Protection of motor and Main Housing Unit and 6) Double Protection of Screen Housing.
Motor Drive Shaft and Locking Clamp. Built in safety mechanism prevents juicer from operating when disassembled
Heavy Duty Construction Heavy Duty Construction:
Hand built, precision engineered using a high quality food grade stainless steel.
Wide Range of Juicing Abilities Wide Range of Juicing Abilities:
Juicing almost anything from vegetables, fruits (including *soft fruits), leaf greens, wheatgrass, roots, herbs, sprouts and even pine needles.
  (* Note: When juicing soft fruit such as pineapple, feed the pineapple pieces slowly, so the juice will not back up the chute. Otherwise, use the LexSun Deluxe Juicer if juicing lots of sloppy fruits such as pineapple and watermelon.)

Additional Features - top
Grinds Grains, Beans and dry Coffee Beans Grinds Grains, Beans and dry Coffee Beans. (Grains or beans must be soaked for 6 hours or more. Instructions accompany juicer. Please note, the Angel Juicer is not a grain grinder however.)
Makes Nut Butters Makes Nut Butters. (Soak nuts in water for 6-12 hours. Instructions accompany juicer.)
Makes Soy Milk and Tofu Makes Soy Milk and Tofu. (Instructions accompany juicer.)
Electrical Specifications - top
230 V / AC / 50Hz
Fitted with Type "I" plug

[Does not suit USA electrical requirements]
Fitted with Type 'I' plug

Angel Juicer ~ Angelia Juicer ~ Angela Juicer

"The best water in the world comes from vegetables and fruits" - Max Gerson

High quality cold press juice extractor!

Available from:
Fully endorsed by: JUICERS AUSTRALIA™

Testimonials - Angel Juicer Reviews
Angel Juicer issues

2015, June. Nikki Ward, Jean-Pierre Bricman, Paris, France.
"As the sale of your juicers [Angel Juicer] is discontinued in France, I have no other way to order these parts except directly from Australia. I am very desapointed with this situation because I recently purchased my Angel Juicer based on the reputation of 100% perfection of your products, but I regret to confirm that it is not true. Actually the silicon ring of Angel Juicer 7500 tore after few sessions which is an inconceivable and inadmissible manufacturing defect for such expensive appliance."

Green Power Kempo Pro Juicer

2015, April. Mr Daniel Millar, Kirwan, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
"The reason I'm buying this juicer [Greenpower Kempo Pro Juicer] is that I've had continual problems with the Angel juicers control panel."

Angel Juicer issues

2015, March. Nikki Ward, Winston Hills, New South Wales, Australia.
"Our angel juicer is about a year old, this last week it has started to switch off while in use. It's only been going for a few minutes and then just stops. Th engine seems to keep running but the cogs don't turn.
Today I'm doing tomatoes, and I seem to be upsetting it. Pease help."

Angel Juicer issues

2015, March. Mr David Mitchell, Sunshine Beach, Queensland, Australia.
"I have an angel juicer that has an issue, and would like to have it assessed please. Whilst operating it shut down. Released clamp and screen was difficult to remove. Activated as per manual, and now there is exists a slight left to right movement when activated. please advise."

Angel Juicer issues

2015, March. Andrew Gilliland, Australia.
"Our Angelia Juicer 8500s stops working and the power light on the front where the buttons are stops. The S/N: F01-11110208 E1 . What do I need to do to get this fixed. After a while the power light will start working again and the juicer will juice again for a bit. If I plug another appliance into the power point where the juicer is plugged into when it stops the other appliance will work so I have power."

Angel Juicer issues

2015, March. Belinda Wanless, Nicklin Way, Warana, Queensland, Australia.
"Service required on our Angelia 5500. It was serviced at the end of last year but is still not working. Can you please provide details for a service agent. I believe it went to the Rose Bay centre last time. Thanks."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2015, March. Mr Antoni Tadic, Croydon Park, Adelaide, South Australia.
"Hey I just wanted to leave some positive feedback so you can post it in the testimonial section as you deserve it.

I recently purchased an angel juicer 5500 and it is simply amazing. I had a few questions about the juicer and the staff at JUICERS AUSTRALIA always replied super fast, even on weekends. The juicer came before the estimated delivery time which was great. This is the first juicer I've owned and don't regret spending so much on it. It juices all the fruits and vegetables great and makes a great quality juice which tastes a lot better than previous juicers I've tried. I bought the extra attachments and love making sorbets and nut butters from it. I've also made some almond milk and it tastes so much better than store bought. All the pulp comes out super dry which shows most of the juice is being extracted. All in all, its a fantastic juicer and delivers what it promises."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2015, March. Mr David Isaac, Auburn, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hello, Thanks for the juicer… Working well. [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s]

What do you recommend as a good quality water distiller?"

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2015, March. Mrs Val Lamb, Yamba, New South Wales, Australia.
"Thank you. It's great. Sure is solid [ex display Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s]
- like a brick!!!

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2015, February. Mr Michael Jessup, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
"Returning customer. Absolutely enjoy the ongoing benefits of this machine [Angel Standard Juicer 5500 purchased April 2010.]

Nut making attachment is not so good [optional Blank Screen] - use it more for frozen banana making ice-cream etc. Postal delivery all good."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2015, January. Mrs Bronwyn C, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"I am loving my angel juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] that I bought in September.

However, sometime in the last couple of weeks, the silicone ring seal has gone missing. Would I be able to order another one of these ASAP please?"

LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer

2015, January. Mrs Phelia Anderson, Lancefield, Victoria, Australia.
"Henson and Dunn families both reccomended you, they own Angel juicers.

However the Lex Sun [Lexsun Elite Juicer] fits my budget.

Looking forward to a Great Detox! Thanks."

Customer unhappy with eBay seller

2014, November. B.D, New South Wales, Australia.

Do you have the contact details of the australian distrubutor of angel juicers? Or the head office of angel juicers to get parts replaced under warranty.

As i purchased an angel juicer off the distrubutor from australia on ebay, and they are not answering my emails or calls.

Please if you can help in anyway of getting my angel juicer to work id be forever greatful as i spent so much money and now i feel lost at what to do as the fan has broken and only 1.5 yrs old.

Thank you in advance."


Thank you for your enquiry.

Yes we import and service Angel Juicers.

Sorry but we do not know who those E-bay sellers are, or how they obtain their juicers. We do NOT supply products via eBay, and we are not involved with any eBay supplier.

We cannot service warranty claims from customers who purchased elsewhere, as we would effectively be a free service agent for these eBay dealers, which is totally unsustainable.

Please see our warranty tab / folder re E-bay sellers etc:

However, we do supply parts that anyone can obtain from here:; and we can also possibly service your Angel Juicer, but it would not be under warranty, as your warranty is between you and your supplier.]

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